Dancin’ in the Streets

I had a chipped crown examined this morning. After a lovely greeting from receptionist Olga, Dr. Shekhtmeyster put down her book and took a look at my damaged merchandise. When I told them the problem, they asked when I had undergone the coronation (in so many words). I told them two years ago. Insurance policies […]

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You performed the greatest national anthem in those sunglasses. Subliminally interjecting, oh lord, jesus, listen.     Oh Lord Jesus, we listened. I sing at church on Sunday mornings these days, at an old Episcopal church off of Atlantic Avenue. I am once again a white morsel in an otherwise chocolate cookie. It’s great. But […]

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The Brooklyn Difference

The alien, spiky, not yet stinky, little buds ringing in a bright wind. A brisk transition as it is. Today at 2:00 EST, two mediocre college basketball team face off on CBS. Those teams are Michigan State and Michigan.┬áThese teams are so mediocre, New Yorkers would rather watch Oregon and Arizona, abysmal and decent, respectfully, […]

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Friday Philosophy

I’ve been thinking a lot about morality, as I do. In the wake of Moby Dick, and in the throes of both Kerouac’s personal journals and Nabokov’s written interviews, I’ve a heap of rich fodder (thanks Gramp, Nate, and stoop). Jackie says: “To me, ‘the thing’ is that Shrouded Stranger I dreamt once. It is […]

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Ode to a New England Boiled Dinner

It is an angler’s hope: brisket perfection. The internal temperature should not exceed one hundred and sixty degrees they say. Others claim the collagen breaks down above two hundred. A scientific phenomenon and a gateway to an overcooking. No matter what dicing potatoes and cabbage into the skillet: the morning hash is like casting into […]

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A Long Weekend in LA

It’s been almost two years since I left LA. This was my second trip to the city of cloudless blue skies and older bookish gentlemen writing screenplays in coffeeshops. Last summer I visited for a week, and returned home with a melody and the line, “It’s the sunshine and the sentiment/somehow at odds and in […]

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Thursday in October

THIS IS CAPS LOCK FASCISM. Harmony vibes fill the living room. Heat radiates from a pipe in the corner. Chilly leaves rattle on trees who stood the tornado and the sun hits two pumpkins in the window where three unsightly gourds sit in the shadow.

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Free Stuff

We human beings are inherently cringe-worthy. The multitudes of bigots, zealots, and politicians active today give us plenty of reasons to shake our heads. But there’s nothing quite so pathetic as the way people behave in the warm, glowing light of free stuff. A few weeks back, thirty Park Slope eateries opened their doors to […]

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